Business Segments

We are a full-fledged bio- pharmaceutical solutions provider for global pharmaceutical companies .

Suven Pharma is a world’s fastest growing NCE focused end-to-end CDMO offering chemistry across the entire drug lifecycle to help pharmaceutical and biotech companies.  We accelerate the idea to commercialization journey of our global partners with our 33+ years of  R&D experience and manufacturing capabilities powered human capital of over 1000 experts.
Suven Pharma is end-to-end Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization providing range of services, including: Development services – development of new drugs, from early-stage discovery to clinical trials ; Manufacturing services –  process development, scale-up, and commercial manufacturing ; Packaging and labeling services meet all regulatory requirements and are suitable for distribution; Quality assurance and control services ; Supply chain management services- ensuring that drug products are manufactured and delivered on time and in compliance with all regulatory requirements;  Robust Project management services- ensuring that all aspects of drug development and manufacturing are coordinated and delivered on time and within budget.


Flexible CDMO:

Suven Pharma is flexible CDMO supporting pharmaceutical companies at all stages of drug development process: by providing services in the research and development stages, by offering support in manufacturing, and by providing formulating and finishing processes. We flexibly alter our production lines capacities and capabilities to meet and succeed in delivering intermediates and formulation to manufacture innovative products.

Reliable partner:

Suven Phama effectively uses its expanding infrastructure and ability to collaborate, from route scouting and development through commercial manufacture, to provide a consistent and reliable partner throughout a product’s life cycle. We provide expertise along and beyond the entire manufacturing process, including commercial launch.  Now you can solely focus on developing drug pipelines without having experience in manufacturing partnering with Suven Pharma. 

Proven track record:

Suven Pharma demonstrates longevity and a proven track record of over 850 projects delivered in the past 30 years of its business operation to launch your product taking care of changing compliance regulations.

Data privacy and IP protections:

We maintain high standards for quality processes taking care of data privacy and IP protections. We have an R&D team to develop the right products at the right time, the team works flexibly to prioritize facilities to develop products which are relevant at the moment as per your pipeline.

Regulatory affairs:

Suven Pharma has a highly knowledgeable regulatory affairs team who can work with the FDA and other regulatory agencies to respond to questions and deficiencies in a timely promptly thus minimizing any delay in product launch.

We have over 3000 Qualified Human Resources

QRM- Understanding of Quality Risk Management

Analytical Service - We meet your desired Analytical Development needs

Ability to keep cost & timelines in-check

Access to technology & science needs for your drug molecules

Flexibility - Taking care of your IP & Partnering of progress

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