Suven Pharma is a successful manufacturer of critical medicines that secure lives. But Suven Pharma doesn’t stop at healing lives.

It is also committed to give people a better life. As a socially responsible organisation, the Company works for upgrading life in communities living around its facilities. The Company has a well-laid-out Corporate Social Responsibility framework. It is a mixture of charitable and educational programmes and a host of community services by supporting a wide range of socio-economic and demand-driven initiatives that run throughout the year. The Company has set up RO drinking water facilities in the neighbouring villages. The Company is alert to address any crisis. At this moment, Suven Pharma is actively involved in Covid-19- related activities and disaster management. The Company has contributed H1 crore to the Telangana State Disaster Management Authority. Suven distributed medical kits and sanitizers among the people to avoid the spread of the contagion.

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Healthcare and Disaster Management :

Suven pharma has participated in Disaster Management and Covid-19 related activities to tide over the crisis to obviate unprecedented pain, uncertainty, and suffering that the pandemic has caused.