CSR Projects

Skill Development Centers

Imparting and Upgradation of Skills.

Assistance to ITI’s and Pharmacy Colleges etc.

Women Empowerment

Making women independent financially

Career development programs


Educational scholarships and tuition support

Research and Studies in the areas specified in Schedule VII

Health Care and Disaster Management programmes

Preventive health care including care of the aged

Support to COVID-19 related & Disaster Management

Drinking Water

Providing safe drinking water to community, installing RO Plants, maintenance and water supply

Road safety and its usages

Promotion of Road Safety for the public in all facets of road usage

Trauma care around highways in case of road accidents

Disaster Relief

Renewable Energy Projects

Renewable Energy Programmes falling under this Project


Promotion of sports and games, provision of play grounds

Sports coaching centre support

Old Age Homes

For treatment of chronic back pain, Arthritis and spinal deformities etc.

Rural Development Projects

All Programmes coming under this sector

Cremation Grounds in the villages with necessary enclosures, vehicles such as jeeps/tractors/ hearses and its maintenance

Ambulance support to a good organization

Cultural and Heritage Projects

Restoration, Preservation and Conservation of Heritage buildings

Maintenance, Signages and Upgrading of Heritage Buildings

Support to Arts, Crafts and Cultural Activities