Process Research

Services of Suven Pharma involves the development and optimization of chemical process used in manufacturing drug substances and intermediates.

Our R&D team of over 400+ scientists has extensive experience in formulation research and analysis working with global partners for their formulation development and analytical support. Our collaborative practice executing over 880+ projects and experience of over 33+ years, helps in accelerate the testing of molecules through the early stages and achieving commercial goal faster.

The process research services offered by Suven Pharma ensures the

Efficient, safe, and cost-effective production of drug substances and intermediates includes the following:

Route Scouting:

Identify the most efficient and cost-effective synthetic routes for producing drug substances and intermediates.

Process Development:

Develop and optimize chemical processes to improve yields, improve quality, cut cycle times, reduce costs, and minimize waste generation.

Process Scale-Up:

Process characterization and scale up from laboratory to pilot and commercial scales, ensuring that the process is reproducible and meets the required quality standards.

Process Safety Evaluation:

Process safety evaluations are conducted as part of scale up activities to identify and mitigate potential hazards associated with chemical processes.

Analytical Method Development:

Develop and validate analytical methods to measure the quality attributes of drug substances and intermediates.

Regulatory Support:

Provide regulatory support and guidance for filings and compliance with the regulatory requirements of various regulatory agencies, such as the USFDA, EMA and others.