Custom Synthesis

Custom Synthesis Services offered by Suven Pharma involves

The synthesis of drug substances, intermediates, and other molecules

Our custom synthesis recognizes the unique needs of each customer, enabling pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to scale their novel molecules in an efficient and cost-effective manner while maintaining superior quality.

The custom synthesis services provided by Suven Pharma includes:

Design And Synthesis:

Design and synthesis of novel compounds which can be used as drug substances, intermediates, or research tools.

Synthesis Of Complex Molecules:

Synthesis of complex molecules that require multi-step synthesis, specialized equipment, and expertise. Suven has manufactured molecules that require dozens of steps and contain multiple chiral centers.

Synthesis Of Reference Standards:

Synthesis or isolation and characterization of reference standards that are used for analytical testing and regulatory purposes.

Synthesis Of Impurities And Metabolites:

Synthesis and characterization of impurities and metabolites that are used for analytical testing, toxicity studies, and regulatory purposes

Scale-Up Of Existing Synthetic Routes:

Scale-up of existing synthetic routes to meet the demand for drug substances and intermediates in an efficient and cost-effective manner while maintaining superior quality.

Process Optimization And Backward Integration:

Process optimization to improve yields, improve quality, reduce costs, and minimize waste generation. Backward integration to strengthen the supply chain, improve costs, reduce lead times, and control quality.